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Who we are

Silk Route Global is your virtual shopping route to Central Asia.  Like the merchants on the ancient Golden Road you will be transported to the marketplaces of Central Asian masters and their myriad of exquisitely handcrafted pieces which have all been hand picked and transported the 4,000 mile journey from Samarkand and Bukhara to London.

Samarkand is in fact the birthplace and hometown of the owner of Silk Route Global.

Samarkand was at one time a bustling hub along the Silk Road and has been the meeting place of world cultures for over two centuries.  This history, knowledge and expertise are all reflected in the handcrafted items available here at Silk Route Global.

Our Products


Handcrafted by our skilled masters

Every exquisite item provided for you at Silk Route Global has been handcrafted by a skilled master from the Central Asian region.  Uzbek pottery has long been one of the most admired around the world. The potters and craftsmen we work with are held in the highest regard and produce ceramics from their workshops in Bukhara, Gijduvan, Rishtan and Samarkand. Each region has their own tradition.

These skills and traditions have been passed from father to son from mother to daughter for seven to eight generations and our master craftsmen can trace their family artisan practice back for centuries…

Our Masters

Silk Route Global focuses on bringing you beautiful hand created pieces which are the most authentic, of the highest quality and style that will simply take your breath away. Just like the ancient merchants who travelled miles along the Silk Road you won’t be disappointed by our efforts to bring you special and unique items handcrafted by masters which will survive the test of time and last for generations.



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