Amazing Wooden Carved Tall Table

tall wooden carved table with magnificent design
tall wooden carved table with magnificent design

Amazing Wooden Carved Tall Table


Product Description

Material: Walnut Wood

Condition: New

Dimensions: H 72cm x L 37cm x W 37cm

Weight: 8.3 kg

Design: Islamic Art

Style: Top an octagon shaped

Made in Fergana

A tall wooden carved table in the style of Islamic wood carving, it can also be used for decorative purposes. It can be a place for items such as photographs, ornaments, telephones, and magazines. As a material for this sample of art, local walnut was used.

The art of wood carving in Uzbekistan is part of the Central Asian artistic heritage and its origins date back to ancient times.

The technique of creating this tall wooden carved table was recreated thanks to several masters of Uzbekistan. Additionally, the design itself was made without the use of nails, glue and hinges.

As a handmade table, each piece will have its own characteristics derived from the handcrafted nature of its creation.

Delivery requirements

Upon the delivery, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the parcel and ensure that the goods are in undamaged condition and correspond to the order. The customer should sign the delivery form after checking the parcel.

If the customer provides special instruction for the delivery and is unable to accept the parcel in person, the carrier may take a photo of a place where the parcel was left.

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If the customer desires any particular pattern and colours and submits this to us, we can customise the piece appropriately.
The size can of course be in accordance with the customer’s wishes.
The price will be modified accordingly and it will take longer to deliver. We can indicate the cost at the outset.


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